Magnetic Car Signs and Ribbon Magnets

Posted on Oct 16, 2019 by Rick Cundiff

Magnetic Car Signs and Ribbon Magnets

When looking for marketing tools, one avenue many small business owners overlook is magnetic car signs.

Think about it - as a business owner, you want to get your branding message out to as many people as possible. A magnetic sign mounted on the side of a vehicle exposes that message to many, many people every day, just in the course of commuting.

Think of the number of vehicles you pass on a daily basis. Probably somewhere at least in the hundreds, right? With a magnetic sign on each side of your vehicle, all those people would be seeing your business name, logo and contact information. They're likely to remember it and call when they need your product or service. In other words, your message "sticks" with them.

Designers can easily make a custom car magnet from your logo or existing graphics, or can create a new one for you from scratch. You're limited only by your own imagination. Custom car sign magnets are made from sturdy 30 mil thick vinyl, and silk screened with spot colors. With UV protection, they will resist fading and adverse weather conditions for several years. And signs can be sized to fit everything from the smallest subcompact to the biggest SUV.

If magnetic signs aren't quite the ticket, some businesses prefer ribbon magnets to show support for U.S. troops abroad, charities such as the Humane Society or worthy causes such as disease awareness. Ribbon magnets are more subtle, of course, but can show that you and your business are concerned about the community and the world. is your one-stop source for custom car magnets. We offer free artwork and revisions. With a 100% price match guarantee, we can offer you the most competitive price quote possible. Call us today at (866) 708-3232, or fill out our no-obligation Free Quote form to find out more. We're here to meet your every custom car magnet need!