Magnetic Calendars for Business Promotion

Posted on Oct 16, 2019 by Rick Cundiff

Magnetic Calendars for Business Promotion

If your business is looking for a competitive edge that also shows community involvement, consider calendar magnets.

Calendar magnets are a great way to get your contact information in front of potential customers while you demonstrate your commitment to local schools, teams or other worthy community causes. It’s just a matter of having calendar magnets custom-printed with school, team or community schedules.

It’s also a great marketing tool. People love magnets, and almost always take them home and place them on the refrigerator, or to work for the filing cabinet. Use magnets imprinted with the local high school’s football schedule, or the school district’s testing schedule, and you’re sure to be a hit with parents and teachers. They’ll keep your information close at hand. When they’re ready to buy your products or services, there’s your contact information right there in front of them.

Standard magnetic business cards are a great option, but the addition of the calendar adds perceived value. The calendar shows your business supports local events and teams, and your commitment to the community. Give them away and people will see they are getting something of value beyond just the basic utility of the magnet itself. You’re giving prospective customers something that’s useful in their lives,

For an even bigger impact, order calendar magnets that glow in the dark. An easy and inexpensive option, the glow in the dark feature keeps your contact information visible at all times – even in the dark. That’s something valuable when the power goes out.

You can even get calendar magnets in custom shapes. Match the shape to the nature of your business and you can add an extra promotional kick to the basic magnet style.

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